Friday, September 3, 2010

Moving Out of Our Stick House and into Motor Home- 8-31-2010

After years of planning, retirement in 2008, purchasing our 1998 40’ Safari Serengeti in 1009, and finally selling our house, Chuck and I could now visualize more clearly the game plan for our 2010 departure from Oroville, California and into the Wheel Estate full-time lifestyle.

Beginning July 1, 2010, the strategy was to pack so many containers per day until our day of departure scheduled for September 2, 1010. Unfortunately the universe had other plans for me. While packing plastic containers in early July, I tried to hop over a container, catching my foot on it, triggering a mass flight across the dining room and landing on my right arm, crunch. The pain was so bad I could not move. Chuck, who was in the other room working on the computer, heard my loud scream and ran into the room to find me squirming in massive agony. He called the EMTs who quickly transported me to Emergency at Oroville Hospital. I was diagnosed with a broken arm, tailored with an arm brace, and told to see my specialist. After seeing the specialist and 6 weeks of therapy, my arm was fully recovered.

Since my first game plan failed, our deadline for leaving the house was filled with more urgency. Two weeks before departure, I started packing again. Sorting items for the kids, friends, charity, and dumps. Chuck and I were still packing up until our last day. We still had a house full of furniture to get rid of, and were contemplating just leaving everything for the new owners, but our higher source had another plan. The morning of departure our last garbage pick-up was to arrive and pick up all containers, Chuck mentioned to the garbage collector that we had a house full of furniture we wanted to get rid of and did she know of anyone who would be interested in it? Her eyes lit up and she said she knew of 3 needy families who could show up with trucks and pick up everything. One hour later they all arrived with happy smiles and thankfulness for the booty they were about to receive: Washer and Dryer, side by side refrigerator/freezer/ice-maker, kitchen table, two Sony TVs and entertainment centers, Futon, bedroom set, two person chair, computer and desk, end tables, lamps, window coverings, heavy duty hoses, plus much more. The happiness and joyfulness in their eyes was worth all the money in the world.

Finally completely moved out of the house, we loaded our Ford Van Tow Vehicle to the max with household items, camping equipment, and clothing that would be delivered to our youngest daughter in Colorado Springs. Newly married and with three children she would be overjoyed with the gifts they would be receiving. After loading the van, Chuck hooked it up to the Motor home and we left Oroville for good on September 2, 2010, the beginning of a new phase in our life.