Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Traveling With My Black Panther

Traveling along the great highways, interstates, and roads less traveled you will find a Recreational Vehicle (RV) of every shape, size, design, and appearance. Besides, vintage or Hippy type RVs, my eyes repeatedly follow the RV that has a mural airbrushed on its back. Before purchasing our 1998 Safari Serengeti, I was sold on the Black Panther mural that was stationed at the back of the coach. I loved the shiny black coat of the Panther and the idea that she would signify the ethnic diversity of the two new owners now inhabiting it.

Since purchasing our RV I have loved following them meandering down the road with their mysterious murals. The animals, scenic views, or a family portrait that may be on the back of the coach conjures an immediate scene and story about the inhabitants of the rolling RV in front of me.

While stopped at rest stops or RV Rallies, I try to find the coaches with murals on their back and take pictures of them. To my great surprise while carefully scrutinizing each one before taking pictures, I found that some of these murals had pictures inside of the original ones, that included one or two tiny butterflies, ants, dragonflies, caterpillars, bees, mice, and there may be more but I haven’t found them yet. My sense of wonderment heightened at this site because you do not notice these wondrous little creatures just by looking at the murals driving down the highway. After going back and scrutinizing my Black Panther mural, to my delight I found some beautiful butterflies and a couple of ants climbing up the tree. Click on our Black Panther mural above to enlarge and see if you can find any hidden critters too? Since I love butterflies the little creatures on my mural brought a smile to my face and an unexpected sense of wonderment.

This mural had a little mouse scampering around

During your next RV trip, see if you can find a Safari Motor home with a mural and find any hidden critters dancing around.

Attached for your viewing pleasure are some pictures of memorable murals:

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  1. Wheel Estate, now that's funny. We were at Lazy Days one time and watched the artist air brush a scene on the back of a big fancy rig. It was great entertainment watching the production. (Doesn't take much to entertain me).

    Happy Trails,