Sunday, March 20, 2011

Geocaching While Work Camping at Escapees CARE

While work camping at Escapees CARE Assisted Living RV Park I was surprised to find a Geocache within walking distance from the building.

On 3/19/2011 I perused the area and found the cache near a gigantic red ant hill. As soon as my hands went close to the hill where the cache was stashed, red ants came out in full force waiting to capture another victim. My thoughts were this may be a challenge and I needed to conquer those ants.

I went back to our motor home located on Work Camper row and my husband, Chuck, graciously volunteered to pour some ant poison on and near the mound. We waited one day and returned on 3/20/2011 to find most of the ants dead. With rubber gloves in hand he opened the hiding place, stuck his hand down the tunnel and grabbed the cache with full force.

I was looking forward to finding a CARE Bear but they were gone and it looked as if people had not left replacements for the bears. I inserted my replacement, a cute little yarn bookmark that was handmade by one of the CARE residents; closed the container; put it back in it's original hiding place; signed my Geocache name,Wheel Estate Travelers; and left feeling I had not only won the challenge of the geocache but had also conquered the red ants head on.

Picture clues of cache located at Escapee's Care and good luck:

Happy Trails!