Saturday, March 12, 2011

Work Camping at Escapees CARE in Livingston, Texas

Work camping at Escapees CARE in Livingston, Texas has not only been a privilege, but it has allowed Chuck and I to learn more about how much volunteer services are needed. The residents who were former RVers, many of them full timers, and some going through recovery of a major illness, always come up to us all and tell us how much we are appreciated and thankful that there are volunteers out there willing to help with the much needed assistance that contributes towards their staying here at minimal cost.

This is the only facility in the country like it and with the work campers helping out, Escapees CARE continues to run smoothly. You can participate in this worthwhile cause for 1 or 2 months, and some stay for longer. For more information and contacts on work camping at CARE please follow this link Jobs that we have performed include helping out in the kitchen; taking meals out to residents' rigs, if they are unable; "On Call" where you work throughout the day helping with count for meals, call residents if they do not arrive for meals, follow-up on incidents that might require ambulance or the nurse on duty; and at times help dump their tanks. During the year helping out with holidays, Health Fair, Garage Sale, and other activities is also performed.

Most of us meet at the round table near the door where we can greet the residents as they come in. They love to interact so we are also allowed to interact and talk to them about their RVing experiences and boy do they have a lot of fun and interesting stories. Many of them work camped here years ago and have fond memories of their experiences.

Work Campers
Work Camper Linda Pondering Over Key Lime Pie Disaster

Carl the Cook Telling his Daily Jokes

Residents Enjoying Their Meal

One of the Board Members at CARE
Chuck and I started March 1st and will continue work camping through April 1. If you are interested in work camping here at Escapees Care, you can contact the number provided on this link Since we'll still be here in April, maybe our paths will meet.

Happy Trails!