Sunday, February 27, 2011

Work Camping at Escapee's CARE Facility in Livingston, TX

Everyone has been asking us what is Escapees and why are you work camping there? Since our retirement in 2008 we have attended a few Escapees rallies. During these rallies we always hear about the Escapees CARE facility in Livingston, TX and all the good things they do to help RVers who are in various modes of needed care. We learned that they can stay in their RVs until they are fully recovered from their maladies or stay full-time to take advantage of the 24 hour, 7 days a week care they can receive . This link tells about what is expected as a work camper and what you receive in return:

February 25, 2011 we arrived at the CARE facility and met at a round table for orientation. At that time we were given our schedule to begin working on March 2, 2011 and a tour of the building.

We arrived through the Escapees RV Park and spent one night there until a space was available for us on Work Camper Row.

The CARE Center is located on the premises of the Escapees RV Park.

We walked over to the CARE building, taking in all the sights.

And then patiently waited for Orientation.

During our tour of the facility, we were shown where the vehicles were located for transporting. Chuck likes to drive so he was interested in what modes of transportation the facility had to offer the residents.

The next day we parked our RV into a spot located on Work Camper row and here we will stay for the next two months, March and April 2011.

Front view of other work campers RVs.

Back view of work camper row.

All the tenants have nice clean spots with storage and ramps if needed. They have plenty of room for their golf cart, scooter, car, bike, wheelchair, or whatever mode of transportation they may need.

Chuck and I were impressed with the organization and cleanliness of the park and facilities. You never know when the end of the trail will meet you at the door and if and when that occurs, we know that the CARE facility will be on our list of places to think about.