Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Collecting Vintage Pieces While Traveling

In today's economy, especially if you're retired and on a limited income, here's an idea on how you can not only travel in style, but also shop in style.

Full-time RV-ing In Comfort

After retiring, we purchased an RV that would be a piece of wheel estate that we could comfortably travel full time in. After selling our house, the only thing I could not leave behind was my passion for collecting vintage jewelry so I had to figure out a way to not only travel in our RV in comfort, but also have enough space in it to store my beloved treasures. Since our RV is already filled to the max, I purchase, enjoy, and then sell. I take high quality pictures of each item and then list them on my online store. I not only have the fun of keeping these treasures until they are sold, but my inventory is consistently replenished with newer vintage treasures after the others have been sold.

Finding Vintage Jewelry

As I embark on each trip, I research our destination and locate any trade fairs, festivals, flea markets, vintage stores, Salvation Army, Goodwill Stores, and estate sales. I found that the older more dishevelled looking stores are the most willing to barter with you; and to my surprise I have found the best vintage treasures and lowest prices at these places.

Research Your
Vintage Jewelry

Always look for jewelry or special items with inscriptions and designer names. These pieces will always be the most valuable.When I return to my RV after a full day of treasure hunting, I head straight to my computer and research all my treasures with designer names. In order to price my treasures accordingly, a trick that I use to quickly find items of value is to do a search using the word images; such as "images for sterling silver bouquet of flowers brooch" or "images of Keisler jewelry." I usually find hundreds of images that I peruse through to find either the exact piece, or close to it, and then price and list my pieces accordingly.

This is a great way to satisfy your passion for collecting while easily storing these small treasures so that you can touch and enjoy them until they are sold.

Happy Trails!