Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nacogdoches, The Oldest Town in Texas

Nacogdoches, Texas, the oldest town in Texas and located on Highways 59 and 21, surprised us with its rich history, quaintness, and many antique shops.

As you stroll down the streets you will discover the importance of the people who lived here and the history that was made.

"Nacogdoches has a soul, a spirit, an atmosphere. She is no raw product of today or yesterday. There are ghosts on her streets...Gentle Franciscan fathers and curious, credulous rediment; lordly Mexican alcaldes and courtly French adventurers...stubborn, spirited, courageous American Empressarios; like Rusk,...Crocket,...Houston...Travis."

~Karle Wilson Baker, local poetess and First Lady of Texas Letters~

We started our day at the Olde Towne General Store where we enjoyed a chicken salad sandwich on home made bread and topped it off with a delicious specialty desert.

While walking down the beautiful red brick streets, you are awe-struck by the equally beautiful old brick buildings with their majestic balconies. The antique shops had something to offer for everyone. I was able to purchase some hidden treasures that the shop owner let go of after some heavy cup of tea, loved it.

Had a beautiful day at Nacogdoches - truly one ofthe best kept tourist secrets in the state. Now where's my stagecoach, I need to get back to my RV at Paradise Lake Resort.

Happy Trails!